Here all my imaginations and memories come alive. Here is the place that I’m longing for, searching for, even though I’ve been there a thousand times. Here is everything I’ve seen in my life, every story I’ve heard, every story I’ve made up. Every piece of art I have ever created is here, but the place I did not create. I have only named her: The Blue Meadow. She was already there the day I was born. She is more real than any other world I know.

I am an artist, writer and a philosophy student. I invite you into The Blue Meadow. She is already someone in your mind, but you might not have seen her yet. She doesn’t care about the strict laws of logic and nature, but leaves nothing to chance. You can go there, anyone can. You only need to know the way. You can read the philosophical idea behind all this. Or just go on and explore The Blue Meadow. In there you can find my art, but if you prefer a more systematic way to find it, go to Visual Art or Written Art.


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  1. Elina 19 februari, 2015 at 4:55 pm #

    Echt prachtig! :O

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