The Skater

Drop In:

The skater needs to overcome their fear, fully commit, accepting the possibility of falling. Otherwise, falling is guaranteed.

the unknown . freedom . pain

According to Rodney Mullen, tricks consist of sub-movements, habits. Learning and discovering new tricks is a matter of disconnecting and reconnecting the strings between them.

creation = recombining the old

We are not conscious of these habits. “It is your body that will make or not make the move, according to its own capacities, not the ‘you’ who wants to hold and control all the strings.”
Rodney Mullen

the body . the physical world . pain . the moment
hierarchy . authority . community

Who decides
benches are for sitting, not grinding?
graffiti is pollution, but billboards are fine?
Who owns the city?

Ask the elderly lady who says skaters make her feel safe.

What does it mean to ‘respect’ property?

Skaters see with different eyes, explore the potential of architecture and obstacles for creative expression, they “discovered the secret to making dead spaces come alive.”
Bill Schaffer

The city expresses itself through skaters.

How do we relate to our environment?

“Skating is really about becoming one with nature. We native people know a lot about that. That’s what the skater does. He or she reclaims the land by becoming in tune with that land.”
Douglas Miles