Cloverleaf interchange

futurism ∙ roller coaster

It doesn’t matter that our goals differ.
Now, we can cross each other’s paths, without obstruction.

echo chamber
filter bubble

Yet the interchange lets us change course,
without stopping
to think about it?

“In the narrative of driving, interchanges are like key turns of plot, heavy with action, freighted with meaning, taking the story in a new direction.”
Tom Vanderbilt

part of something bigger
who is guiding us?
are we like ants to them?

These roads form “great free-flowing paintings in which, through participation, the sensations of motion through space are experienced. […] Though man is dwarfed by the size of these immense structures, he regains his relationship to them by participating in their use.”
Lawrence Halprin

In these lanes we find beauty.
In these leaves we find luck.

four-leaf clover
the clinamen


“To know is not to perish quickly in the deserts of endless deferral of meaning, but getting to know may mean leaving home and getting lost for a while, to admit that there may not be a road going anywhere that we all agree on, but that somewhere along that road is a local guide who knows a story we may never have heard before, a story that leads to a place.”
Stephen Muecke

crossroads ∙ juncture ∙ route ∙ labyrinth ∙ traverse ∙ off-road

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