The road

In Baghdad, the disciple of a Sufi overheard the Angel of Death, saying: “I have several calls to make in this city during the next three weeks.” Terrified, he took the fastest horse and traveled as far away as possible, to Samarkand. Meanwhile, the Sufi was talking to the Angel. The Angel asked him where his disciple was and the Sufi answered that he was there, in Baghdad. The Angel was surprised: “I have to collect him in four weeks’ time at Samarkand, of all places.”
Idries Shah

You can run into death anywhere.
dead loved ones . autumn leaves . change

Someone met death in a sculpture of the HIV-virus:

“I can’t stop looking at it. Knowing that millions of those guys are in me, and will be a part of me for the rest of my life. … It’s a very odd feeling seeing my enemy, and the eventual likely cause of my death, and finding it so beautiful.”

What happens when we brush past death?
life . wisdom . freedom? 
How do we “live our lives with death over our shoulders”?
Pearl Jam: Sirens ♫

“Your wife may leave you, your friend may betray you, but death has never forgotten or abandoned anyone. … He is your ultimate lover, the last one to share a bed with you. … If you dance with him lightly, every day becomes art.”
Herman Finkers

Fate doesn’t tell you how to live your life
possibilities . emptiness . openings

“And then they revealed that solids were not solid
That a wall was not solid
That it consisted of molecules fixed and vibrating
Some distance apart, as did the flesh …

And that walking through the wall was not impossible
That it could be like
Slipping between pine trunks into a forest
Which had looked from the road impermeable”
Frances Leviston

Follow the road or slip off road
Don’t worry, you won’t miss your appointment with death!