movement . melt . flow . flux
everything is always becoming

Water brings life . creation . nourishment 

we are 60% water

“i believe we want to fall apart because water is our most natural state. i believe in falling apart routinely — every once in a while. … i believe in breaking down just to see what was waiting there underneath.”
Alok Vaid-Menon

bleeding . unraveling

Light also breaks, when water touches it, showing the spectrum of colors hidden in white.


creative, adaptive, resilient ecosystems
are full of color . multicultural

humans in mono-cultures are afraid

But the wildflowers, the unaccepted, the outcasts, they are like water. They find voids that need to be filled. They tell their own stories, share their visions. That’s why queer, black women are pioneers.

“Create your own committees, build your own institutions, give your friends awards, award yourself, and be the gold you wanna hold.”

fill the void with color
freedom . abundance

In 1927, professor Thomas Parnell began an experiment, to prove that pitch is not solid at room temperature, which it appears to be, but liquid. He was right, pitch flows. But it takes 8 years for a single drop to fall from a funnel.

After two drops, Parnell died.
But the pitch is still flowing.
Some day there will be another drop.