Farmer’s shed

roofing sheets ∙ rocking chair ∙ Virgin Mary statue ∙  broken bike ∙  fridge door

Every thing its own
story ∙  future ∙  defects ∙  potential

The farmer won’t trade in his old little kitchen for a sleek minimalist one.

minimalism ∙ maximalism
ascetism ∙ horror vacui
white walls

What does it mean to be frugal?

The technology we call minimalist might fit in our pockets, but it depends on a vast infrastructure of grim, air-conditioned server farms and even grimmer Chinese factories.”
Kyle Chayka

What if your house is empty,
but everything you want is only a mouse-click away?
Do you own very little or very much?

The internet: our overflowing junk room

less = more

Are we aware of the value of what we own?

stuff ≠ happiness
less stuff ≠ happiness
less ≠ good
more ≠ good

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