The solar system

‘The Earth is not the centre of the universe!’

that will take some getting used to

We have some new brothers and sisters:
Mercury ∙  Venus ∙  Mars ∙  Jupiter ∙  Saturn ∙  Uranus ∙
Pluto: our sweetest, youngest little brother, no scientist will take from us

a new home
a large family
a family of gods
with strong personalities
a cosy corner of the universe

The Sun warms us.
The Moon accompanies us.
We forget the space separating us.

Science gave us a new home.
But still:

The Sun rises and sets.
Planets circle us, sometimes suddenly moving backwards.

floating ∙ revolving ∙ circling ∙ gravity ∙ up ∙ down ∙ silence ∙ time

The Earth:
– not too hot
– not too cold
– atmosphere
– solid ground
– oxygen
– water

We are no longer the only child, but we don’t have to worry. No planet will replace the Earth.


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