Mad woman

When we feel that knot in our stomach,
do we feel pain, love, anger?

the only socially acceptable choice for men
the wrong choice for women

angry feminist . bitter woman
good vibes only . toxic positivity

locked in anger becomes
self-destruction . self-harm . self-hate

How do we protect ourselves when our anger is forbidden?
When the system itself is violent?
poverty . racism . sexism . climate change . war

“It is not my anger that launches rockets, spends over sixty thousand dollars a second on missiles and other agents of war and death, slaughters children in cities, stockpiles nerve gas and chemical bombs, sodomizes our daughters and our earth.”
Audre Lorde

righteous anger
disruption . rage . riot
“by any means necessary”
Malcolm X

When they riot, “people long dismissed by the powerful suddenly become impossible to ignore.”
Stephen D’Arcy

We are not whole when there is only
peace . harmony . light
embrace the dark

Kali, “the dark goddess is perpetually present in the inner and outer struggles faced by women at all times.  Her darkness represents those rejected and suppressed parts of female creativity, energy, and power that have not been given a chance to be actualized.”
Lina Gupta

“I’m a lunatic
I’m what God forbids
I’m a mad mad woman”
Sevdaliza – Mad Woman