Inner flame

“Why do I break, when I bend?
Why do I stay, why not stand?
Why do I mask, when I seal?
Why do I ask, what I feel?

Why do we hide the inside?”
Sevdaliza: The Inside ♫

cloak . veil . mantle . surface

The outside: cold, immovable stone
sleeping volcano

The inside: magma . fire . spirit . soul . life

No matter how hard stone may seem, beneath our feet it flows.
The inner flame won’t be tamed.
The volcano will erupt.

permanent change
 lava . vomit
beautiful . disaster . breathtaking . sublime

How to make sense of disaster?

In 1995 and in 2014 the Fogo volcano erupted, covering Chã das Caldeiras, the village located in the crater of the volcano, with lava. ‘The Volcano’s Children’, the villagers, fled and watched lava destroy their homes and farmland. Even so, many returned to the crater, “to rebuild their houses on top of the lava,” one of them said. The volcano always “gives more than it takes,” another native, Teodoro, explained. Volcanoes bring fruitful soil and so they bring new hope.

destruction . creation . birth . eruption . expansion . life

“There is a slumbering subterranean fire in nature which never goes out, and which no cold can chill. […] This subterranean fire has its altar in each man’s breast, for in the coldest day, and on the bleakest hill, the traveller cherishes a warmer fire within the folds of his cloak than is kindled on any hearth.”
Henry David Thoreau