Flat Earth

“Galilei’s contemporaries thought the Earth was flat, but that’s not true. The Earth is round, like a pancake.”
Herman Finkers

On the Flat Earth we live safely beneath a glass dome, surrounded by mountains of ice. In our own gigantic snow globe. Here, the Sun and Moon are so close to us that we can feel them.

conspiracy ∙ pseudoscience ∙ skepticism ∙ alternative facts ∙denial ∙ belief ∙ enlightenment ∙ dogma ∙ trust ∙ authority ∙ independence

How do you convince someone to trust scientists, if authority is so often untrustworthy and scientists have gotten it wrong so many times before?

Mark Sargent, a prominent Flat-Earther, has conducted research himself. He bought expensive measuring equipment and proved that the Earth is round, in several ways. Still, he doesn’t believe it, in spite of the evidence, and we believe it, in spite of the fact that most of us never saw the evidence.

“When you are young so many things are difficult to believe, and yet the dullest people will tell you that they are true – such things, for instance, as that the earth goes round the sun, and that it is not flat but round. But the things that seem really likely, like fairy-tales and magic, are, so say the grown-ups, not true at all. Yet they are so easy to believe, especially when you see them happening.”
Edith Nesbit

How do we choose what to believe? What is believable?

Can we change our minds, if this comes at a price?

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