Eye lane

On the way
Do you stop or continue?

Thousands of eyes are watching you

“He who is subjected to a field of visibility, and who knows it, assumes responsibility for the constraints of power; he makes them play spontaneously upon himself.”
Michel Foucault

In other words: whether you’re on the payroll, in school or in jail, you’re always being watched. You have to follow the rules. Only once you’ve internalized the them, you can live here.

see ∙ interpret ∙ imagine ∙ judge ∙ mirror

Watching is powerful

Olympia was the first prostitute to look the painter straight in the eye. Men thought it scandalous.
The object became a subject.

However her black maid did not dare take the risk of staring.

If we even personify bark
Why do we see some people as objects?

Trees teach us the “lesson of inherency, of what is, without the least regard to what the looker on
(the critic) supposes or says, or whether he likes or dislikes.
Walt Whitman

The other is always more than we see
Like trees communicating under our feet
We don’t know what the other experiences
What is it like to be a tree?

What if you see differently?
What if each other is a ‘you’?

I carried with me the feeling I’d acquired from listening to the old
stories, that the land all around me was teeming with creatures that were related to human beings and to me.”
Leslie Marmon Silko

You see me and I see you