The alarm clock

“The moment of rising belongs to another period of time, and appears so distant, that the plunge out of a warm bed into the frosty air cannot yet be anticipated with dismay. Yesterday has already vanished among the shadows of the past; to-morrow has not yet emerged from the future. You have found an intermediate space, where the business of life does not intrude; where the passing moment lingers, and becomes truly the present; a spot where Father Time, when he thinks nobody is watching him, sits down by the wayside to take breath.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

You close your eyes. For a while you’re thinking, but then your thoughts start to choose their own path. Logic slowly transforms into dream logic. Advanced logic, creating many more possibilities.

association ∙ mosaic ∙ chaos ∙ entanglement ∙ fog ∙ creation ∙ subconscious ∙ nightmare

we spend a third of our lives in this world
and we don’t even know why


“What a singular moment is the first one, when you have hardly begun to recollect yourself after starting from midnight slumber! By unclosing your eyes so suddenly, you seem to have surprised the personages of your dream in full convocation round your bed, and catch one broad glance at them before they can flit into obscurity.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sometimes the alarm disrupts our dream
Sometimes our fear for it has already woken us

A dream is not yet a story.
We find the story in:
symbolism ∙ esthetics ∙ metaphors ∙ myths

We make discoveries in our dreams
Indigenous peoples know this
Artists know this
Even scientists know this 
So where is the dream science?

The dream is fictional, yet so real
That sometimes even the alarm clock jumps into the dream world
When we incorporate her sound into our dream

and yet, eventually, we always have to wake up