Snorella = ‘Moustachella’

man ∙ woman ∙ in-between
something completely different human

Who doesn’t like playing dress-up?

“A bank manager also changes into someone else when he takes off his suit at weekends and goes fishing at Lake IJssel.”
Léon Hendrickx

A different appearance offers opportunities.
the inner <-> the outer

“At toilets people readily tell Snorella stories they would never tell me as Micha.”
Micha Schneijderberg

Who in you is still hidden?
Meet yourself!
Whom do you need?

“What does Snorella mean to me? She wouldn’t be there without me, and vice versa. Because, in the end, I do the grocery shopping and the laundry for her too, and she brings me places I would otherwise never have come.”
Micha Schneijderberg

toilet lady ∙ raw world
tough chick ∙ vulnerable boy

The one is many.

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