The Moon

intuition ∙ imagination ∙ subconscious ∙ illusion ∙ creativity ∙ confusion ∙ femininity ∙ mystery ∙ feeling ∙ reality


“As full and bright as I am, this light is not my own. […] Without her we are lifeless satellites drifting.”

Listen to Tool: Reflection.

How passive is the moon, really? How alive? How warm is her celestial body
Is she second-rate?

Beacon in the night. Protection.
Company. Light.

werewolf ∙ FULL MOON ∙ lunatic
night ∙ dreaming ∙ lying awake nightmare

We see the same Moon

far above the sober world

(Other)worldly ∙ enchantment
just luminous enough ∙ what isn’t seen by the light of day?

lunar phases:

change ∙ cyclic ∙ regularity


water ∙ menstruation ∙ magnet


Who is afraid of the Moon?
Worrying is useless.

all ages, all cultures, all traditions

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