Moses parts the sea

The Israelites are being chased by the Egyptian army. They’re standing before the Red Sea. God sent them there, but now they’re trapped with no way out. Moses raises his hand. Then God makes the east wind rise, which splits the waters.

water ∙ movement ∙ change

The Israelites walk across the seafloor to the opposite shore. Then the waves swallow the Egyptians up.

Moses raises his hand.
The east wind rises.
God parts the sea?
Even God can’t do anything on his own.

“I actually believe that needing others is an incredibly beautiful, sacred thing. We need to stop believing in this kind of toxic idea of self-reliance. People often say to me, ‘You’re so brave. You’re so strong.’ But I’m actually really fragile and that’s okay. I just need other people to help, and when those people are able to reciprocate, that’s the closest thing to love I’ve ever felt.”

Alok Vaid-Menon in an interview by Document Journal

dependence ∙ trust
privilege ∙ merit

Shores are connected too. The ground continues, under water. The water conceals their connection.


Every journey connects starting point and destination, even dying.
God can’t do anything without matter.
∙ materialist ∙
Did the Egyptian soldiers deserve to die?

Separation requires miracles .

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