Cloverleaf interchange

futurism ∙ roller coaster

It doesn’t matter that our goals differ.
Now, we can cross each other’s paths, without obstruction.
Are we at cross-purposes?

the echo chamber
the filter bubble

Those bubbles are not that bad.
Now, we can change course,
without stopping.
Without stopping to think about it?

order from above, chaos from below
like God sees us
or like ants?

efficiency ∙ beauty ∙ luck

Four-leaf clover = good luck
the mutation
the deviation
the unexpected
the fault?
the clinamen

The interchange guides the traffic onto its proper path. No mutant is to be found there, wandering off the beaten path.

But look in the leaf of the cloverleaf interchange. The odds of finding a four-leaf clover there, are greater than you think!

The more streamlined the interchange
the harder it will be
to reach the piece of nature
which we ourselves have enclosed.


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