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706331_467269326653295_768500331_oI am a visual artist, writer and philosophy student. Art is my greatest passion and I admire all forms of it. Especially music is a great inspiration to me. For me, art, philosophy, spirituality, basically the way I look at the world come together as a whole. This is The Blue Meadow.

Philosophy helpts me to understand art in as many ways as possible. I want to combine creating specific artworks with thinking about art in general, about theories of art. Reading about aesthetics, I have noticed that philosophers often find it hard to understand what art is truly about, because they have no idea what happens in the heads of artists. They speak about the ‘genius’, inspiration from above, seemingly magical things happening there. Artists who write about art can usually not put into words what they are doing. They know what making art is about, they understand it, but they cannot explain it to others. I hope that by both creating art and studying aesthetics, i ind a way to create abridge between artists and aestheticians.

Now about my art, what is it really about? People have described it as showing a world of dreams, fairytales and such. I do indeed try to show things from magical places. But actually, most of my art is about the things I’ve seen all around me, in this world. I think that we could all see magical things, if only we opened up our eyes wide enough. I do happen to have an advantage though: synaesthesia.

Philosophically: I believe that life is mostly an experience, but you can shape it by using your senses in the right ways. The world we see is not as absolute and ‘real’ as we think. Yet, even if we experience worldly things that aren’t real according to science, they are real in our minds. They are real as images, as feelings, as parts of our lifes. We make the world real, and we can make it the way we want it to be. This is our freedom as humans in our predetermined world.

That’s what my art is about. Living, experiencing, creating your own world. My world is magical.


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